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Culture forms the foundation of what our organization is all about. FSA continues to dominate as our cultural team, PAMANA, reassures our 3-PEAT victories at ISANG MAHAL. Our team is dedicated to spreading Filipino culture and folktale through our performances, while utilizing traditional Filipino dances in order to educate our audience and performers. Joining the team is a great way to create new relationships with other members while learning more about the culture. Culture is essentially what ties our community service, sports, dance, and activities altogether. Whether or not your lineage is from the Filipino, we encourage all members to accept and love each other.



From volleyball to football, UTD FSA prides itself with having very competitive and hardworking sports teams. We strive to be the best on every court and field by having strong foundations and practices, and we prove that with our numerous top tier placements at Goodphil. The most important aspect, however, is the teamwork and bond created through sharing a similar hobby with others, and we constantly encourage new member to participate in our teams. 


Basketball (MEN/WOMENS)

Flag Football (MENS/WOMENS/CO-ED)

Ultimate Frisbee (CO-ED)

Soccer (CO-ED)

Volleyball (MENS/WOMENS/CO-ED)

Kickball (CO-ED)



As one of the biggest organizations on the UTDallas campus, we implement our spirits to the services we provide as a non-profit organization. By holding our heads high for the school and club, we provide open arms for our members, as well as for any upcoming members! Although spirit isn't as heavily dance -oriented than the other performance teams, this team is open to all members & reflect more towards spirit of the school. Spirit is not just for the school, but to also be able to create new memories through your experience in the club.



FSA’s performance team specializing in street and other contemporary dance styles, Modern brings together some of FSA’s most talented members to participate at intercollegiate competitions such as Isang Mahal and GoodPhil. Emphasizing growth, community, and individuality through dance, Modern not only strives to provide a space for its members to explore the art of movement together, but also to exemplify UTD FSA excellence through groundbreaking and often celebrated performances.


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