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I’m your corona byroos presidente Rafaela, but you can call me Rafie! I really love boba. I’ve gone to all of the boba places within Dallas, but more just keep popping up, so I’m not done with this adventure. My go to drink is milk tea with cheese foam. My favorite fruit tea is mango green tea with boba, but if it was available in more places, Rose Green tea with lychee jelly. I’m ALWAYS down for boba. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, just hit me up😙 Also shoutout to God’s Pam 🥺my first pam, 🍜MiGoGang ♡o。.(>。 <), and my SIFA pam Phamdesal🥖🥃🏅🌊Can’t wait to meet more of y’all this year~ Thank you for taking interest in FSA! I found my best memories here so I hope y’all do too!

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Legacy. Growth. Heritage

The mission of the Filipino Students’ Association at the University of Texas at Dallas is to cultivate unity and fellowship among its members, spread awareness and educate others about Filipino culture, foster goodwill throughout the community, and empower students to excel in their professional fields and personal endeavors. We hope to foster collectivity, friendship, and love for the Filipino Culture. It is a culture that fosters collectivity, hospitality, and cultivates inclusion. We've held hands and jumped boundaries, and our FSA has become exemplar within the UTDallas campus. Through this organization we want to give back to the people that are the true essence of FSA: the members. Join The Filipino Student Association at UTD and become a part of our growing Pamilya.

***contact fsautd@gmail.com or reach out on our socials for any questions!





ISANG MAHAL is an annual talent show held by PhilSA‌ where organizations from different schools are welcome showcase their cultural and modern dances. Isang Mahal translates to “One Love” and is appropriately named since the event celebrates culture and one’s love for their heritage. Since Isang Mahal is not limited to only Filipino talent, performances with other cultural flares have also been included.

GOODPHIL brings schools together to compete in cultural, modern, spirit, and sports! GOODPHIL‌ is also one of the biggest highlights in every FSA’s calendar, bringing together a ton of people both performers and audiences alike. It is a yearly competition that all members are able to showcase their abilities while competing against other FSA-schools within Texas and Oklahoma. Whether you decide to go perform onstage - as part of the PAMANA, MODERN, or SPIRIT teams - or compete in indoor AND outdoor sports in our teams of male, female or CO-ED, we take pride to represent ourselves as UTDFSA.

every GoodPhil season, we release HYPE trailers to showcase our teams prior to the competition!




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